Top 50 Zooqle Alternatives, Proxy, Mirror & Unblocked Sites 2022

Working Updated Zooqle Proxy - Unblocked Mirror sites List and Zooqle Alternatives

What is Zooqle ?

Zooqle is the best torrent site. It provides torrent files for new releases in movies, television, video games, and software, among other things. That is why, if you want to access all of these items for free, you can utilise Zooqle torrent. All you need is BitTorrent, uTorrent, or any BitTorrent client installed on your computer.

Zooqle is a terrific site and one of the largest torrent sites, as seen by its popularity. It is backed up by over 3.5 million confirmed torrents and 2200 trackers. This website assists you in obtaining nearly everything.

Due to widespread internet piracy and copyright regulations, a large number of service providers have restricted this, causing users to encounter difficulties operating Zooqle. However, you need not be concerned; in this post, we will explain how to unblock Zooqle.

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Zooqle Features :

Zooqle is an incredible torrent platform that boasts more features than any other well-known torrent service.
We spent a week testing the site and jotting down the reasons why people adore it.

The following are some of the reasons why Zooqle is the finest torrent website.

Rapid and Reliable

Zooqle is fast to load and has very minimal downtime. The site functioned well even while using a free VPN, which is really sluggish. Zooqle’s reliability is based on the availability of all sorts of torrents. As the government cracks down on piracy, a number of torrent sites have been taken down entirely.

As a result, finding a location that hosts all forms of torrents is a bit difficult.
However, our service serves as a one-stop-shop for all torrent kinds.

Downloads of superior quality

Zooqle offers a variety of file formats for each movie and television series torrent.
The links are structured in a tabular fashion with a quality designation such as 480p, 720p, etc., making it simple to download the chosen format.

Recent television series and films

The best aspect about utilizing Zooqle is that it constantly lists freshly released movies and television series on its site, making it easier to find new episodes of television shows and movies.

Comics and electronic books

If you’re a reader who enjoys discovering new books, audiobooks, comics, and periodicals, Zooqle is the place for you. Additionally, the website features a large number of ebooks.

Login or Create an Account

To store torrents to your bookmarks list, you must register for an account on the site.
The site does not need sensitive information such as your date of birth, cell phone number, or location; all you need to do is submit your email address and select a password.

Subscribe to get updates

Zooqle includes a function that notifies users of freshly published episodes. All you need to do is create an account >> choose a “on-air” channel >> and subscribe to updates.

After that, it will email you anytime the torrent file is updated or a new episode is added.

These features seem incredible, but the unfortunate part is that direct access to the site has been prohibited in a number of locations. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of proxies that will allow you to access the site effortlessly.

List of Countries Blocking Access to Zooqle Mirrors

Not only do governments restrict access to Zooqle websites, but they also restrict access to Zooqle proxy and mirror sites. The majority of Zooqle websites and related proxies are prohibited in

  • India
  • Denmark
  • China
  • Italy
  • Norway Russian Federation
  • Netherland
  • Australia
  • Portugal Brazil
  • Andorra

How to Unblock Zooqle

You may access Zooqle torrents by visiting or clicking on any Zooqle proxy/mirror website. After clicking, that website will unblock Zooqle torrent for your internet connection immediately.

List of Zooqle Proxies & Mirrors updated


Updated Zooqle Proxy List

Zooqle Proxies Urls List Status ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Working Zooqle Proxy List

New Zooqle Proxy List

Zooqle Proxy/Mirror Status Speed ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Normal ONLINE Normal
Zoogle Proxy ONLINE Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast
Zoogle Proxy ONLINE Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Normal ONLINE Normal ONLINE Slow
Zoogle Unblock ONLINE Slow ONLINE Very Fast

That concludes the discussion! Simply click on one of the above proxy/mirror websites to immediately gain access to Zooqle. Few Links will be disabled but many URLs all operate properly.

Zooqle Alternatives

If zooqle is shut down and not opening and proxy/Mirror of zoqqle also not working so you can visit zooqle alternatives. We compiled the list of best sites like zooqle for watching movies ,TV shows, Games, software and more.


Torrent Sites

Torrent Sites URL

1 Torrentz
3 YIFY Torrents
4 Kickass Torrents
5 The Pirate Bay
6 ISO Hunt
7 Extra Torrent
8 RarBG
9 TorLock
10 Seed Peer
11 Torrent Project
12 Torrent Downloads
13 Monova
14 Torrent Funk
15 Your BitTorrent
16 Torrent.
17 iDope
18 Lime Torrents
19 BitTorrent Search
20 Bit TOR
21 Btdb
22 Torrent Bit
23 Torrent King
24 Sumo Torrent
25 Demonoid
27 Worldwide Torrents
28 SkyTorrents
29 BT Scene
30 Torrents.ME
31 01 Torrents
32 Troogle
33 7tor
34 RU Tracker
35 Pirateiro
36 Arena BG
37 NT Torrents
38 Pirate Public
39 Academic Torrents
40 Zooqle
41 Mejor Torrent
42 File List
43 Fast Torrent
44 Zamunda
45 DIVX Total
46 New Rutor
47 Torrent 9
48 Desi Torrents
49 Booty Tape
50 Only Torrents


Zooqle’s Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Website Legal?

Zooqle is a pirated website that operates unlawfully; therefore, using such pirated websites constitutes a crime, which is why they are prohibited and barred.

2. Is the Website a secure environment?

Zooqle is a pirated website that is not secure at all since it operates unlawfully; as a result, the government has prohibited the website, and at the same time, there is a chance of viruses infecting your mobile device and laptop.

3. How can I download high-definition movies?

There are several pirated websites on the internet that allow you to download free HD movies, including the ones listed above, but these websites are illegal and dangerous to use.

4. Is it unlawful to download movies from the Website?

Because Zooqle is a pirated website that makes original content accessible for free download without authorization, which is a legal offence, downloading movies from this website is unlawful.

5. Which website is the best for downloading movies?

While there is no website that allows you to download movies for free, there are several websites that allow you to watch select films online for free, and the website that allows you to download movies for free is referred to as a pirated website.

6. What Are the Best and Most Appropriate Methods for Streaming Online Movies?

There are several places where you can watch movies online for a fee; you may pay by the month or year and view your favorite films on your mobile device or laptop.

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