How To Easily Unlock Your iPhone Passcode Without Computer

Using Siri, third-party applications, and iTunes, you can unlock it. I’ve had my fair share of iPhone lockouts during the years that I’ve used devices. If you’re experiencing the same problem, it shouldn’t take you long to log back in and browse your Instagram feed. I’ll give a thorough explanation of how to unlock your iPhone passcode in this article.

Methods to Remove the iPhone Passcode Without a Computer

1. Unlock Using Siri

Using Siri, your virtual assistant is one of the easiest ways to unlock an iPhone. Siri is fantastic since it gives your smartphone voice activation, helps with the search bar, and a responsive, hands-free interface.

However, it should be noted that using a Siri bug can unlock an iPhone’s passcode with devices running iOS versions 8.0 to 10.1.

The instructions to using this Siri bug are listed below.

Step 1

Make the virtual assistant active. You can say a keyword, like “Hey Siri,” or you can press and hold the home button.

Step 2

Here’s where the crucial trick now appears. Go ahead and enquire, “Siri, what time is it?” for example. or “What time is it in the world?” Siri uses the search box to look for and display a world clock feature on your iPhone’s graphical user interface.

Step 3

To add a new clock feature, click the symbol for the world clock. In order to have Siri add it to the display, hit the plus or add symbol as well.

Once the new clock has been chosen, you will have the ability to share the new clock feature using a share button.

Step 4

Touch on the share icon, and then select the “new message” option. Now, you may simply type something into the “To” field using the virtual keyboard instead of actually writing anything in the “Message” field.

Step 5

By pressing on the plus or adding an icon, you can ask Siri to make a new contact for you. As a result, Siri will provide a new interface with the label “Add Contact” that allows you to enter some text, including the name and contact information of your new contact.

This time, though, we only want to add one image from your photo library instead of sending a new message.

Step 6

Additionally, click the “Add Photo” text. When making a new contact, clicking “Add Photo” will take you to the media library interface where you may choose a picture from your photo album. By doing this, Siri will be used to unlock your iPhone.

Step 7

Once you’re in the media library, you can use the home, return, or return key to access your unlocked home screen and use your iPhone without a passcode.

Step 8

Take use of the unlock screen to quickly update your credentials and unlock your iPhone!

Please note that using the method discussed in this article to access a smartphone that you are not allowed to use is against the law. By infringing the device owner’s privacy and the safety of other authorized users, doing so might be against the law.

2. Open using Find My

Unfortunately, Siri can’t always help, so if the first solution didn’t work for you (for example, since your portable device doesn’t support iOS 10.1), you’ll need to find another approach to unlock iPhone. Fortunately, you could have another opportunity to get beyond a locked screen without using a computer if you can run the Find My app on another smartphone.

You’ll need another device (like an iOS one or a used smartphone) to access the iCloud website in order to use this surprisingly easy procedure. For your iPhone, you also need solutions for data backup. since using this method will erase all of your phone’s preferences and other settings, not just the iPhone password.

Let’s start by taking the subsequent actions.

Run Find Me on your unlocked phone to get started. This program offers a tracking interface that makes use of the geo-location of all Apple devices linked to the users of your device to track their whereabouts and operational status while enabling you to employ a number of strong remote management functions.

The following step is to sign into the third-party app with your login information, such as your Apple ID and password. To track your devices and use remote management to unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer, you must log in.

A new screen with choices for tracking your iPhone will appear when you’ve verified your iPhone ID and password. Select the text “discover iPhone” under the heading “All Devices” in the menu.

A new interface listing your iPhone is presented when you choose “discover iPhone.” To view some device specifications and accessible remote administration options on your iPhone, select your iPhone from the list (for example, select the iPhone 12).


Click “delete iPhone” at this time. This option will also erase the iPhone passcode while erasing all of the files on your smartphone. Although this capability is typically used to remotely delete several sensitive files and cookies from a stolen smartphone, we are now employing the same capabilities to unlock an iPhone without a computer.

Your data backup tool will come in handy in this situation. All of your data, including contacts and photos, will be gone from your iPhone because you reset it. You can use a command to restore your iPhone to get them back.

Log in to the cloud site using your iCloud credentials and select the option to restore your iPhone from a backup to accomplish this without using a computer.

Your phone has been regularly performing iCloud data backups as long as you haven’t disabled this feature. As a result, all of your files will be available on your newly unlocked iPhone.

When using iCloud, you can choose “delete device” rather than “erase iPhone” for select models. In reality, all of your files including the iPhone passcode will be deleted from your iOS device once you choose to confirm this option.

By using an iCloud account backup, this version also enables you to update your iPhone without a computer.

3. Use iMyFone LockWiper to unlockUnlock iPhone Passcode Without Using Your Computer

When erasing a screen password or an iPhone passcode, wiping all the files off your iPhone X can be excessive. For eliminating authentication credentials, such as a passcode, password, face ID, Touch ID, etc., iMyFone provides a unique LockWiper. You might need to restore your profile from a backup for some versions.

The drawback of utilizing iMyFone is that at least one step of the process requires a PC. Make sure you have a data connection (such as a USB cable connector) so you can easily connect your PC and iPhone.

For anyone to be able to unlock their iPhone passcode without a computer, it needs direct access to their phone.

Visit iMyFone online, select the LockWiper link, and then download and install the iMyFone LockWiper firmware on your Windows or Mac OS to begin the procedure. Although this software is a premium one, there may be alternatives for a risk-free 30-day trial.

Connect your iPhone to a computer and put it in recovery mode for the following step. There are two ways to do this,:

simultaneously pressing and holding the power key and the home button.

Hold down the side button and the volume control at the same time.

Now carry out the subsequent easy actions.

Run the firmware for the LockWiper by following the directions. To begin the unlocking procedure, you will be asked to click “start unlock”. You may occasionally be prompted by iMyFone LockWiper to select one of the unlocking modes.

The options should be self-explanatory, but be sure that when the screen passcode is removed, a duplicate of your profile will be kept.

Once finished, you can, if necessary, recover your iPhone using backup software.

4. Use iTunes to unlock (Computer is Needed)

You occasionally may find that using third-party apps and software is too much work, and you require a quick, simple method to reset your passcode. You might have more options if you’ve previously synced your iPhone with iTunes and you have access to a PC.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using iTunes.

Open the iTunes library on your Mac or Windows computer. To provide music on the go, iTunes syncs with all of your Apple products.

In order to exchange data with your computer, connect your iPhone to iTunes. Returning to iTunes on your computer, you will now see a device icon for your iPhone.

To download iTunes to your iPhone, click the icon. Then, select “restore device” to return your smartphone to its default settings.

Before letting you click to reset your iPhone, iTunes may occasionally ask for your passcode. If this occurs, all you have to do is use a different computer.

Without frequently switching between computers, you should be able to avoid sharing the iTunes passcode.


Without a computer nearby, forgetting your iPhone passcode may be a terrifying experience. The most important thing is to be ready.

Get started by downloading iMyFone LockWiper right away.

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