35 Torrent9 Alternatives To Download Movies, Games & More In 2022

Top Torrent Download Sites: Torrent9 It’s not always easy to find addresses to download free French torrents without registration, such as Torrent9.

Free torrent download sites like Torrent9 update their addresses all the time. As a result, it is always important to learn about new addresses or new alternatives that are valid for each year.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best Torrent9 alternatives for downloading free movies, TV episodes, music, books, and even software and apps.

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What is Torrent9?

Torrent9 is a torrent site where you can download a variety of files for free without having to create an account. For many years, the site has also provided torrent downloads for Movies, Series, Music, Ebooks, Software, and PC Games.

The site is simple to navigate and use. Quick access to popular content such as movies and TV shows can be found on the home page.

The websites also have a search bar that may be used to look for films by director, year of release, or title.

Torrents are downloaded by thousands of users every day. However, many users have reported in recent days that the site is down and that it is impossible to visit the site using the main domains and

How to Pick the Best Torrent9 Alternatives

We based our top Torrent9 alternatives on the following criteria:

  • Torrent variety and library size Torrent9 has a large movie, TV show, music, game, book, and software collection. Our options had to be able to compete with this excellent portfolio. We didn’t just look at new HD releases; we also looked for older, hard-to-find classics. The Pirate Bay and other multi-purpose sites are the most logical replacements for Torrent9; but, specialist platforms like EZTV make finding specific content much easier.
  • Traffic and download speed on a monthly basis. The seeder/leecher ratio determines your torrenting speed. If no one is seeding the torrent file, you will be unable to download it. As a result, we sought out sites with huge, active communities and, as a result, a large number of seeders.
  • Torrent fitness. This characteristic is also linked to active communities. Once a torrent has been fully seeded, it is considered “healthy,” which means you can download the entire content. Nothing is more aggravating than a torrent that is stuck at 90%.
  • Clickjacking, malware, and crypto-mining riskware are all common on torrent sites. Malware could be embedded in the torrents themselves, even if the site is clean. We sought secure websites with no malware or nasty techniques on our list.
  • User-friendliness. It can be challenging to explore endless torrent libraries. Everything is considerably easier with a basic UI and some filtering options. Top 10 or top 100 lists on a website, together with “trending” sections, are excellent examples of what we were looking for.

Now that we’ve established our ranking criteria, we can focus on our top Torrent9 alternatives.

Torrent9: Best Torrent Download Alternatives in 2022

Torrents are no longer what they once were. There are always wonderful sites out there, but they won’t turn up in a Google search. And you don’t want to waste your time scouring the internet for dozens of obscene websites and wading through their endless pop-ups just to discover they don’t contain what you’re searching for.

This is when I enter the picture. I spend my evenings checking various torrent sites in order to maintain this list up to date with only the best of the best for you. Whether you’re looking for an episode of your favorite show from yesterday or a film from 10 years ago, one of the sites similar to Torrent9 should have it.

Classics like The Pirate Bay are among the best torrent download sites, as are popular sites like KAT, BARBG, Limetorrents, and 1337x. Corn In several French-speaking countries, Torrent9 is still the most popular option.

Similar to Torrent9, this post lists the greatest torrent download sites. These websites mostly provide copylefted content. Even for private copying, downloading this type of content is illegal. We have compiled a list let’s have a look.

Nr. Torrent sites URL Users Status
1. The Pirate Bay 290M Online
2. YTS 115M Online
3. RARBG 113M Online
4. 1337X 90.5M Online
5. Nyaa 64.6M Online
6. Torrentz2 61.5M Online
7. EZTV 47.2M Online
8. LimeTorrents 28.9M Online
9. TorrentDownloads 18.5M Online
10. 18.5M Online
11. DemonoID 15.5M Online
12. Zooqle 14.9M Online
13. iDope 11.3M Online
14. TorLock 7.7M Online
15. YourBittorrent 6.9M Online
16. TorrentFunk 6.9M Online
17. TorrentLeech 6.8M Online
18. 21Torrent 5.2M Online
19. 4.8M Online
20. Mac Torrent Download 3.5M Online
21. SeedPeer 3.3M Online
22. Mac-Torrents 3.1M Online
23. isoHunt 2.2M Online
24. Monova 1.9M Online
25. TorrentBit 1.9M Online
26. Mininova 1.2M Online
27. TorrentProject 0.5M Online
28. ExtraTorrent Offline
29. KickassTorrents Offline
30. Torrentz

Torrent9: In 2022, a new address

If Torrent9 decides to change its address again in 2021, the illegal download site will not have waited long. Many pirate sites employ this technique.

When the prospect of oncoming blockage was there in the past, T411 acted in the same way. As a result, Torrent9 plans to relocate to a new location.

So, if you’re a torrent9 user who recently discovered that it’s not functioning for you, don’t panic. I’ll provide you a list of Torrent9 proxy sites and mirrors that are still active in 2022:


That being said, we know that the greatest torrent site is still the one that is free, requires no registration, and allows you to download the highest-quality files. This is what you’re looking for. Without taking into account the number of seeders. As a result, we’ve produced a list of the best sites and alternatives for 2022 in the following area.


We disclaim any responsibility for how you might use the strategies described in this article. Always check to see if the content you’re downloading is copyright-free. If not, you must rely on the legal assistance provided in France.

Conclusion: Download torrents

Torrent is a fantastic concept that allows you to exchange files or anything else without the need for a massive server. It is built on the peer-to-peer principle.

Each user will assist in the download of the files required to assist other users. Seeding is the term for this procedure. As a result, once you’ve downloaded a movie, your torrent client will publicize the data you’ve downloaded and assist other users in downloading it.

Finally, now that you know what a torrent is, make sure you download your favorite torrent client before starting to download your movies, series, aniles, games, books, or software.

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