50 Best Time4TV Alternative Sites To Stream Free Live Sports 2022

Simply by posting links and details about sporting events, several websites have gained popularity. They solely include affiliate links and lack genuine links. One name you should be familiar with when considering such websites is Time4TV.

What is Time4TV?

The main purpose of the sports directory is to provide its readers with information. The National Football League (NFL), tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, rugby, motorcycle racing, and other sports are among the options available to consumers. Therefore, this website may offer you a gratifying experience if you wish to watch sports online and study a catalog with details on current sporting activities taking place all over the world.

I enjoy it when a free streaming service makes an attempt to make the user interface as easy to use as feasible for the customers. To select the sport you wish to watch or even a specific competition, utilize the search tool.

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  • Sports directory with information about a variety of events
  • Optional groupings


  • The platform doesn’t offer any streaming options.
  • Links that aren’t reliable
  • There are many redirections.
  • Layout errorstime4tv

Sports Calendar

I enjoy how the fixtures are simply posted on the webpage. All you have to do is select a sport, and the list will be arranged according to your preferences. The timings and other information about the fixture are available. If there are no noteworthy occurrences on a given day, you won’t find anything. (which hints that the platform isn’t all that great)

This website is no longer as effective as it once was, I do wish to point that out. It only remains a shadow of what it once was. Despite how much I adore this site, I want to be completely open with you. And for that reason, I’ve chosen to include the following section.

Best Time4TV Alternatives In 2022

It is a website that allows users to broadcast live sporting events. To stream live matches, you can use any device to access the platform’s main website. The ability of Time4tv to host live streaming of well-known TV stations from all around the world is one of its distinctive features.

You may get a number of well-known channels through Time4tv, including Fox Sports, NFL Networks, ESPN America, NBA TV, Box National, Sky Sports, etc. The site gives you access to live football events from all over the world, so you are not restricted from watching your preferred sports station.

Time4tv features a fantastic site with sections for sports, news, USA channels, UK channels, and other popular categories. You may view upcoming sporting events and fixtures in the schedule area of the webpage. However, if you are looking for alternatives, have a look at these amazing sports streaming sites.

Time4TV Alternatives

Sites like Time4TV

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Arguments against streaming on Time4TV

I used to always turn to Time4TV for trustworthy connections, which allowed me to watch some of the important games over the years. Here are a few explanations, though, for why it is no longer my top pick.

Trustworthy links

I recently wanted to watch Tottenham play Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League. All eight of the links I was given when I clicked on the event on the website were attempted, but none of them appeared to function. I realize that there is a certain amount of chance involved, but having 8 links available and none of them working is really disheartening.

Absent streaming

You might be surprised, but I was as well. For about two hours, I tested and tried this website, but I was unable to view any streams. I eventually gave up and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t as legitimate as it had been made out to be. You would argue that it might only be a problem for a day, but I tried to stream on this website three times a week and it only worked one of those times.

Growth of rival services

The most well-known brand in the free streaming games is no longer Time4TV. Websites like do a terrific job of offering high-quality links to the games for football fans. Other than that, you can occasionally discover a stream easily via YouTube’s Live feature. I’m therefore more likely to choose these services than to thrash around on this page.

Misclicks and repeated redirection

Let me use the same Tottenham vs. Atletico game to illustrate this concept. I chose the match that was highlighted on the webpage. I was prompted to select one of the various URLs. I was immediately taken to Bovada or FuboTV after clicking a link.

Streaming platform

Yes, Time4TV is merely a website with a huge directory of sporting events; it is not a streaming platform. You are taken to a premium service when you click on any sport. So, I suppose it makes money by using banner adverts and affiliate marketing.

Time4TV: How can I go there?

There are two methods to access Time4TV. First, use your search engine to look up ” Time4TV or hunters tv streaming.” Make sure you’re using a VPN to protect yourself from hackers before you access the website.


The design strategy is not very appealing. Again, substance comes before fashion. The website is packed with information and has some attractive elements, however, it lacks a distinctive look. I just can’t seem to get myself to appreciate the strange color and blue mix.


A digital clock and a search bar may be seen in the header portion of Time4TV. Thirteen categories are listed beneath that, including Start, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Moto, Rugby, NFL, Tennis, Volleyball, Box, and others. There are two choices listed under these categories: “For Webmasters” and “For Streamers.”

Figure Section

The heroes part of Time4TV is rather simple. Eighty percent of the area is devoted to the Live Matches section. In this part, you’ll find a list of all the daily activities. The most amazing feature, the sort by sports section, is accessible above the fixture. Two widgets labeled “For Webmasters” and “For Streamers,” are located to the right.


The fixture list is continued in the body section. After another, each fixture is horizontally positioned. If you choose not to use the sports function to order the results, you can still follow a game by looking at the icons on the left.


There is no defined footer with useful links on this website. However, it still offers two choices: DMCA and Terms of Service.

Pages within

The hero section is duplicated on the inner pages. You are taken to the inner page when you select a sport and click on a specific fixture. All of this platform’s positive attributes come to an end at this point.


There is no genuine content here; all you get is a list of fixtures with links to expensive streaming services. Even though each fixture has many flash links, none of them seem to be working, so all you can do is switch from one streaming link to the next. However, it is a popular resource for viewers looking for information regarding in-depth sports coverage.

Along with living streaming, it also offers important facts about updates and live telecasts.

Desktop/mobile compatibility

One word best sums up my experience with Time4TV: disappointment. It’s not exactly what it seems to be. I didn’t even feel the need to check the webpage on my phone after streaming it from my laptop. Simply put, advertisements are everywhere. Any links you click on will take you to websites like FuboTV and Bovada. Despite having a premium FuboTV membership, I became upset for some reason.

I have some suggestions for Time4TV

I’m truly at a loss for words for the first time. I can respect the developer’s efforts to make streaming services legal, but this website lacks the hook that would keep users coming back. The content and design both require significant work.


Sports lovers must attend their preferred games. They simply want access to the content, whether they choose to watch cable or fixture television, a premium streaming network, or a free streaming website. People typically turn to stream on free websites when they are not in front of their televisions and do not have access to premium sports websites. But you shouldn’t rely on Time4TV as a streaming resource. I, therefore, won’t advise you to attempt this website.

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