30 Limetorrents Alternatives To Download Free Movies In 2022

Torrenting is regarded as a reliable and convenient method of consuming any form of content. This post explains how to torrent with LimeTorrents, the key security concerns, and the best LimeTorrents alternatives. LimeTorrents is a torrent service that offers a wide range of content to its subscribers. The P2P file-sharing service includes a professional-looking UI and a verified torrent area, among other things. LimeTorrents is active and running as a very popular torrent site at the time of writing, having been voted the 8th most popular torrent website in the world by TorrentFreak. LimeTorrents’ main domain receives around 20 million monthly visitors.

So, what went wrong with LimeTorrents? LimeTorrents, like many of its competitors, has struggled with technical, security, and legal challenges since its inception. Copyright holders frequently try and sometimes succeed, in getting LimeTorrents shut down through court orders. Due to copyright infringement, law enforcement authorities are also interested in shutting down LimeTorrents. As a result, LimeTorrents is restricted in many countries, and governments and internet service providers have attempted to restrict LimeTorrents’ availability in numerous places.

What exactly are Limetorrents?

LimeTorrents is a torrent website, which means it allows visitors to use the BitTorrent peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing system to download a variety of different sorts of content. And LimeTorrents frequently refers to itself as a torrent indexer in general (or a torrent aggregator). LimeTorrents has all of the normal torrent site characteristics, such as free material, a fast user interface, few advertisements, and the opportunity to establish and configure an account.LimeTorrents alterantives

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Best Limetorrents Alternatives In 2022

Here is a handpicked list of top websites that can take LimeTorrents’ place. This list covers both commercial and open-source programs with popular features and links to the most recent downloads.

Nr. Torrent sites URL Users Status
1. The Pirate Bay 290M Online
2. YTS 115M Online
3. RARBG 113M Online
4. 1337X 90.5M Online
5. Nyaa 64.6M Online
6. Torrentz2 61.5M Online
7. EZTV 47.2M Online
8. LimeTorrents 28.9M Online
9. TorrentDownloads 18.5M Online
10. 18.5M Online
11. DemonoID 15.5M Online
12. Zooqle 14.9M Online
13. iDope 11.3M Online
14. TorLock 7.7M Online
15. YourBittorrent 6.9M Online
16. TorrentFunk 6.9M Online
17. TorrentLeech 6.8M Online
18. 21Torrent 5.2M Online
19. 4.8M Online
20. Mac Torrent Download 3.5M Online
21. SeedPeer 3.3M Online
22. Mac-Torrents 3.1M Online
23. isoHunt 2.2M Online
24. Monova 1.9M Online
25. TorrentBit 1.9M Online
26. Mininova 1.2M Online
27. TorrentProject 0.5M Online
28. ExtraTorrent Offline
29. KickassTorrents Offline
30. Torrentz

proxy/mirror list for Limetorrents

Limetorrents mirrors are located in countries where the service has not yet been prohibited. So, even if you can’t use limetorrents directly, you’ll always be able to access your favorite torrent site, Limetorrents, through limetorrents proxies and mirrors.

Limetorrents proxy/Mirror Proxy URL (Official) (Official) (Official)
limetorrents unblocked proxy list visit here (Not verified) (Official) (Official)

Best Limetorrents Alternatives In 2022

Here is a handpicked list of top websites that can take LimeTorrents’ place. This list covers both commercial and open-source programs with popular features and links to the most recent downloads.

What is the Current Situation with Limetorrents Mirrors?

The status of LimeTorrents mirrors varies depending on which one is chosen. LimeTorrents does have certified mirrors, most of which are up and running. is the most reliable LimeTorrents mirror site.

What is the Limetorrents Mirrors Speed?

In the table above, the speed of LimeTorrents mirrors is mentioned. In terms of overall functionality and speed, however, LimeTorrents mirrors provide users with a fairly similar experience to the main domain.

Limetorrents: How to Use Them

To utilize LimeTorrents, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to LimeTorrents’ official website.
  2. Type the desired file’s name into the search box given, then press Enter on your keyboard or click the giant green “Search” button on the LimeTorrents homepage. Users can also choose from a variety of content categories offered on the homepage, such as Movies, TV Shows, Games, and Apps (take note that a lot of the content available in these categories is copyrighted and is technically illegal to download and use, so make sure what you are downloading is not subject to copyright).
  3. Next, disregard anything under “Sponsored Links” and examine the search results under “Torrent Name.” Choose the most pertinent result.
  4. When the user clicks on the suitable search result, LimeTorrents will open a new window with all of the information about the file the user is going to download.
  5. Users should choose between Magnet Download and Download Torrent from the same window.

Deluge and QbitTorrent are good solutions for users who don’t have a BitTorrent client. Users should go to the official website of the selected BitTorrent client and download an an.exe file (assuming the user is on a Windows PC) to download a BitTorrent client. Linux users should always search for a BitTorrent client in their distribution’s Software Center and then install the downloaded file.

  1. If a decent BitTorrent client has previously been installed correctly on the user’s device, hitting the Magnet Download button on LimeTorrents should instantly start the download. Depending on the user’s operating system, the BitTorrent client may display a couple of questions for various permissions.

Is it Safe to Use Limetorrents?

It is not safe to use LimeTorrents, but security issues plague every torrent website on the internet. Torrenting copyrighted material is illegal, however torrenting non-copyrighted stuff is perfectly fine. Any user of LimeTorrents, or any other torrenting site, must accept the risks of security, privacy, and legality.

The most significant security concern associated with LimeTorrents is a copyright violation. Because LimeTorrents does not filter posted content, any file on the service could be protected by copyright. It can be difficult to tell which materials are copyrighted, so double-check ahead of time.

The user can check the IMDB website to see if the content on LimeTorrents is copyrighted (Google Book Preview function for books, and Metacritic for video games). If the content has a publisher or producer, contacting them directly can assist in determining the copyright status. Checking online forums and other websites dedicated to copyright information, on the other hand, can be useful.


We do not support or condone any type of copyright infringement or restriction circumvention. Torrenting and downloading illicit content are examples of this. Torrenting is a terrific method to access and share a wide range of content on the internet, and there are numerous options for legal and safe online torrenting. You must conduct your own investigation to see whether these services and torrents are legal in your jurisdiction. When torrenting, we recommend using a VPN.

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