50 Best Lezhin Comics Alternatives To Read Free Manga In 2022

What is Lezhin Comics?

Lezhin Comics is a high-end Korean webtoon/webcomic company that collaborates with renowned authors to produce manga of exceptional quality for mature audiences. It has since moved into the Japanese and English markets. Lezhin Comics is well known for its Boys Love (yaoi) comics, although it also welcomes submissions in the action, girl love, and adult content categories.

In June 2013, Han Hee-sung, a Korean blogger, created Lezhin Comics. Thereafter, it became South Korea’s largest webtoon publisher, hosting more than 400 manga titles by November 2014. Lezhin Comics received support from a large number of professional and amateur cartoonists just a year after its debut, including Lee Jin-young (Yool Lee), the 2013 Korea Content Award winner, and Yoo Ayoung, the 2014 Today’s Cartoon Award winner.

Lezhin Comics made its debut in Japan in 2015 when its beta website became the official one in July. The website was also made available in other English-speaking nations that same year. Lezhin Comics was the first manga company to receive the Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification from the government, and two years later it became the largest stakeholder in UL Entertainment.

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Currently, Lezhin Comics is a sizable and well-known webtoon publisher with millions of manga chapters and more than 8000 titles for manga fans. Its principal investors include IMM Private Equity, a holding company for top Korean private capital management firms, NCS, NCSoft Corporation, a leading gaming publisher globally, Aju IB Investment, and KTB Network, Korea’s first venture capital firm.


  • Nicely done
  • A big manga library
  • Have an adult manga app separately
  • Apps for both iOS and Android
  • Several promotions and discounts
  • Free books are offered


  • Not much at allLezhin comics

Best Lezhin Comics Alternatives

Looking for sites to read free manga online, Techalternatives brings you the list of the best Lezhin Comics alternatives given below.

  1. (Popular Manga Website)
  2. (Top Manga Website)
  3. – Good Manga Site

Lezhin Comics is it free?

On Lezhin Comics, there is both free and paid content, however the latter offers more manga for you to read. When utilizing Lezhin Comics, there are three terms you need to be familiar with. The coin is the first. This is the online store where you can buy manga from Lezhin Comics. “Bonus Coins” is the second. These additional coins are offered as prizes in “Coin Bundles” or at events. Bonus coins must be used before they expire since, unlike regular coins, they have a time limit. Additionally, they can only be made available for particular manga series.

The “Bonus Coins Details” section of “My Account” contains information about these coins’ expiration dates. The final word is “Points.” These can be acquired by performing tasks like buying a “Coin Bundle” or completing an entire series at once. They serve the goal of allowing you to purchase the constantly discounted “Point-Redeem” Coin Bundle.

Each manga chapter costs roughly 1 to 3 coins, and the average cost of a coin bundle with 44 coins is $9.99.

Liz frequently hosts reward-related events, such as the three that are currently taking place at the time of this review: Gift Box (daily Free Coins, Bonus Coins, or Points reward), New Year New Vip (constant discounts), and Fresh 2-coin Binge Reads (read the best manga from Lezhin Comics for just 2 coins per chapter). The Wait Until Free (WUF) program is another perk available. When you read a comic marked as WUF, the countdown for that comic will begin; once the timer expires, you can read the following chapter for free. Normally, each chapter requires a 12-hour wait, however, WUF unlocks some chapters so that they can be read for free in just three days (72 hours).

Are there any mobile apps for Lezhin Comics?

Lezhin Comics has three apps for iOS and Android users, which is a plus because it allows readers to read comics directly on their phones. On Google Play and the AppStore, you may download their standard Manga app. Lezhin Comics Plus, the final app, is only available for Android. With daily coin sales, this android app specializes in pornographic comics (without age limits).

Content repository

On Lezhin Comics, there are almost 8000 titles of English-language manga in all different genres. There are a total of 12 genres, including drama, boy love, girl love, love triangles, obsession, obsessional, historical, fantasy world, high school, gangster/action, pretty boy, and historical fiction. The following are some of Lezhin Comics’ all-time top-ranked manga, with the genres they belong to in brackets:

  • Third Resolution (Boy Love)
  • “A Guy Like You” (Boy Love)
  • Puppy in a Tie, Puss in a Suit (Boy Love)
  • Working, Fighting, and Loving (Boy Love)
  • Jam for Two (Boy Love)
  • Losing in the Cloud (Boy Love)
  • Inadequate Lover (Boy Love)
  • Lucia (Romance)
  • My Beautiful Fiance (Boy Love)
  • The Decade’s Crush (Girl Love)
  • Bloom of Revenge (Romance)
  • The Candlelit Dinner at Murderous Lewellyn (Boy Love)
  • Only for a Moment (Romance)
  • Remember These Emotions (Boy Love)
  • The End of the Road (Boy Love)
  • Aliens with No Traps Attached (Boy Love)
  • Use of an Angle (Romance)
  • An Accidental Love Story (Boy Love)
  • Awakening Lazy Desires (Boy Love)
  • The All Ages Edition of Checkmate (Boy Love)

Lezhin Comics is an excellent location to go if you want to read Boy Love, Romance, and Girl Love, as you can see from the list.


Lezhin Comics has a really clean, user-friendly, and attractive design, in my opinion. There is a menu at the top of the home page where you may access the Daily, Rankings, Free, General, and Boy Love/Girl Love sections. Sale and mature In addition, the side menu, which contains all of the information related to your account, such as the number of coins, bonus coins, and points you have, as well as your library, may be found.

You can view all the manga that have been chosen based on your suggestions settings in the section under the menu. New Releases, Rankings, Updated Today, Recently Read, and additional manga suggestion sections based on genres and series are located below.

You will be taken to another website where all manga will be displayed according to genres when you click any of the inner pages, such as “Free.” Each inner page features a good filter and sorts feature to make browsing easier.

All of the chapters and their current status are listed on the right side of the manga page itself, with the manga’s details listed on the left. You will see the reading page as a scroll-down page. You only have this choice for reading manga, which is unfortunate because it doesn’t replicate the paper manga.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Webtoon the owner of Lezhin?

Lezhin: One of Webtoon’s largest competitors is Lezhin, which is owned by Lezhin Entertainment, a firm launched in 2013. It has been creating some of the most well-known webtoon series in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. It features more than 8,000 webcomics and adds more than 250 new ones every week.

Do you accept mature content on Lezhin?

Hello, and thanks for your question. Please visit our Plus app or website to access adult content instead of our Lezhin for Samsung app. Hope this is useful!

Lezhin comics are free?

On Lezhin alone! Every day, we offer free content. If you enjoy romance, horror, action, or even gay content, check back frequently to see what we’re presenting for nothing.

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