50 Best Kakao Webtoon Alternatives To Read Free Manga in 2022

South Korean webtoons have thrived to outshine established heavyweights, despite their arrival being later than that of Japanese manga, which is thought to be the foundation of comics. It’s hardly a stretch to claim that Japanese publishers today must use Korean platforms to access the digital market. Kakao Webtoon ( is one of the innovators who helped Korea Webtoon (Kakao Webtoon) become a worldwide hit.

What is Kakao Webtoon?

Kakao Webtoon, which changed its name from Daum Webtoon on August 1st, is a leader in the Korean digital comics market. Kakao Webtoon is striving to rise to the top of the webtoon market with ambition beyond the conventional frame. More than just a standard comic reading platform, its well-liked digital comics have been remade into a range of media, including games, TV dramas, and movies, and are the ancestors of numerous blockbusters with widespread appeal.


  • Two of the top legal webcomics platforms that are completely trustworthy and safe
  • Any mobile device can use the software because it is optimized for both Android and iOS.
  • Have a vast and varied content library
  • Visuals of top-notch material and top-notch graphic effects
  • Rich in sophisticated features to improve readers’ experiences
  • Benefits and gifts


  • Account necessary
  • Fees for enrollment and subscriptions
  • There are still only a few languages available.
  • Only a few countries have mobile apps available.kakao webtoon

Kakao Webtoon is it secure?

There is no need to question the security of a top webtoon platform that is vying for the top spot. Kakao Webtoon is utterly dependable, secure, and safe. No spam, viruses, malware, or advertisements. All you need is a phone or other technological gadget with Internet access, Kakao Webtoon, and some peace and quiet.

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Is it legal to use Kakao Webtoon?

Obviously! Kakao Webtoon is a legitimate website that is run by Kakao Entertainment, a division of the Kakao Group, one of Korea’s biggest corporations. With more than 12 million monthly active users, this platform has achieved success throughout Asia in addition to holding a prominent position in Korea. The best evidence of Kakao Webtoon’s dependability and quality may be seen in its reception and reputation on a global scale.

Websites like “Kakao Webtoon”: Top Kakao Webtoon substitute

Naver Webtoon is a strong rival of Kakao Webtoon. This is also a major player in the Korean webtoon market. So try out an experiment and make a prediction to see which of the two businesses will win the battle for the top spot in the storytelling market. Additionally, NHN Comico is a strong contender and promises to give you intriguing experiences.

Does Kakao Webtoon have a smartphone, iPad, or TV app?

At the moment, Kakao Webtoon has released a unique application for fans of manhwa. The app is optimized with the most cutting-edge technologies to give readers rich experiences. This software is simple to download on Android and iOS, but it is currently only offered in a few nations, including South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Don’t worry if you can’t get it! It will soon be introduced in your country.

Kakao Webtoon, one of the most well-known app shops in the world, achieved a revenue of one billion won in just two days of its launch and currently has prominent positions on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Do such figures indicate that many people adore this K-webtoon platform?

Best Kakao Webtoon Alternatives

Want to know what Android apps are comparable to Kakao Webtoon. Some of the best Kakao Webtoon Alternatives to read free manga are provided below.

  1. (Popular Manga Website)
  2. (Top Manga Website)
  3. – Good Manga Site

Review of Kakao Webtoon

Let’s take a look at the factors that contribute to the success of this manhwa reading site nowadays.


Kakao Webtoons is unquestionably totally secure. It doesn’t affect your cherished electronics in any way. You are safe even if the security software on your device is accidentally compromised.

Content repository

Kakao Webtoon, a well-known South Korean source of entertainment content, inherited 1,300 original works from Daum Webtoon, and it is run by Kakao Entertainment. Also, Kakao Webtoons is constantly updating to support content diversity and making an effort to highlight its broad IT know-how and library of intellectual property. Kakao Webtoon consistently works to increase both the number and quality of its material. Here, many well-known K-Dramas got their start as Webtoons comics. In the age of flat-screen displays, this platform seeks to provide the best webtoon platform available.

However, up to this point, every manhwa series is in Korean. The only available foreign languages are Thai and Chinese. Readers’ ability to access the story’s content is significantly hampered by the lack of available language options. It may, however, make sense given that this platform is still being developed and will eventually be more complete. Therefore, because most fans of manhwa are foreigners, hopefully, we’ll be able to watch the fascinating series here in our native tongue someday.


The majority of readers, I’d wager, can’t help but exclaim “Wow” when they first arrive at our website. The enchantment of colours mixed with high-quality content pictures, and great graphical effects, will undoubtedly increase visitors’ levels of immersion.

The streaming encounter

Kakao Webtoon uses animated video thumbnails that fluctuate in form and size depending on the popularity of each work instead of the traditional method of exhibiting small and large thumbnail photographs to categorize tales. They will incorporate moving images, which will grab users’ attention and make the content more lively. For some of the most well-known webtoon series, there are also 10-second video trailers.


The interesting collection of tales here is quickly updated each day. You can only access the first few chapters of a series for free before you must pay to read the rest. To unlock episodes for free, you can choose to complete tasks with “Wait or pay” tickets. Don’t pass up the opportunity to use gift tickets and incentives from Kakao Webtoon to open premium episodes for free.

User interface

The most well-liked manga and the most highly recommended manga were the only two categories Kakao Webtoons chose to divide the series into, as opposed to many others. Based on the preferences of the readers, an artificial intelligence algorithm will handle the many webcomics. Readers’ preferences are determined by the webtoon’s theme, art style, and plot rather than by a single list that the algorithm takes into account. Therefore, if you’re still unsure about which popular story to read, let Universe Circle’s feature guide your decision.

Equipment suitability

Most OS systems and Internet-capable browsers are compatible with Kakao Webtoons. Show it on another tablet device with a large display to enhance your experience and make use of all the cutting-edge capabilities.

Pop-ups and ads

No pop-ups or advertisements at all! There are only your own unique universe and living, breathing characters. Nothing may interrupt your priceless downtime with Kakao Webtoons.

Registration or a profile

You can read a few sample chapters without registering as a member, but it is not necessary. You must sign up as a Kakao Webtoons member if you want to read the complete series. This platform is to provide the highest level of security for user data. You can sign in to Kakao Webtoons using your existing account if you’re already a user of other Kakao platforms.

Client service

With Kakao Webtoon, you can quickly obtain contact information on any of the well-known social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Line, and Kakao. The committed customer support team at Kakao Webtoon is always available to address any queries, suggestions, or acknowledgments from readers all around the world in order to enhance the quality of their services.


So these are some of the best Kakao Webtoon alternatives to reading free manga online. Being a manga fan you will find these websites very useful and creative. Don’t forget to tell us about other manga streaming sites, Goodbye!

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