30 Best Isohunt Alternatives To Download Movies, Apps, And More

IsoHunt began as a BitTorrent site in 2003. It’s an online torrent service that’s part of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing network. Torrent files in the music genre, photographs, films, databases, software, services, and applications, among other things, are all available online.

In this instance, visitors have limitless access to torrents and can download as many torrents as they like in the file form. It hosts millions of torrents indirectly on its website and gives simple ways to download torrents.

Many people who want to upload their files to a torrent will find that IsoHunt has a tool that allows them to do so. The torrent file-sharing system is more than just a file-uploading mechanism. Its users have access to a system that allows them to generate and exchange torrent files with others. It’s Iso-Hunt’s worldwide torrent service provider system.

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Isohunt Blocked for What Reason?

The authorities discovered it quickly, and the laws were suspended. It was unable to respond to customer inquiries. While Isohunt did not have a copyright database, it did refer users to a website that did have the information they needed.

The network proxy, on the other hand, covers and opens the IP code. Unlike VPN, it has no security features. It means you’ll be stuck in some scenarios with legal ramifications.Isohunt

isoHunt Proxy/Mirrors

Sl. No. isoHunt Proxy/Mirrors Status Speed
1. Online Very Fast
2. Online Very Fast
3. Online Very Fast
4. Online Very Fast
5. Online Very Fast
6. Online Very Fast
7. Online Very Fast
8. Online Very Fast
9. Online Very Fast
10. US proxy Online Very Fast
11. Online Very Fast
12. Online Very Fast
13. Online Very Fast
14. Online Very Fast
15. Online Very Fast

Alternatives to Isohunt Torrents

Here I’ll show you some of the top Isohunt torrent alternatives that you may use. There are countless torrent-sharing sites on the internet, but only a few of them are truly excellent. You must select the option that best suits your needs.

isohunt Alternatives URL
The Pirate Bay
YTS Torrent
Fast Torrent
Sumo Torrent
Seed Peer
Desi Torrents
Kickass Torrents
ISO Hunt
Academic Torrents
Torrent Bit
Extra Torrent
Sky Torrent
Worldwide Torrents
Torrent Project
Torrent Downloads
Torrent CD

Unblocked Isohunt proxy FAQ

How do I open Iso-hunt? is the first question.

You must use the aforementioned proxy URL, click it, and the link will redirect you to the Iso-hunt website.

What is the best method for downloading torrents from Isohunt?

Ans: To begin, open the magnet URL from the popup window by clicking on proxy Link (Iso-hunt proxy #1), then clicking on the ‘Magnet’ button. You can access the material once it is available in the location you specified. Torrent software will begin downloading the content you selected when you select that option.

What is the mechanism by which the Iso Hunter torrent magnet works?

The IsoHunt website offers magnet links to torrent files that may be downloaded with a BitTorrent client.


I’ve included the finest Iso-hunt proxy unblocked site links 2022 in this article. To download your desired torrent, use the unblocked Isohunt proxy sites from the shared list. I’ve also detailed the best approach for unlocking the Isohunt proxy site on your computer.

I’ve covered three methods for unblocking Isohunt proxy sites: the first is to use the unblocked Isohunt proxy links on the list; the second is to use a reliable VPN, and the third is to utilize the TOR browser.

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