IDope Torrents: 50 Alternatives To Download Movies And Stuff

IDope is a torrent site offering high-quality files and quick download speeds. iDope Torrent Proxy & Mirror Sites is one of these websites. Even if even of the most popular websites may fail to maintain their solidity or stability from time to time.

Users have no choice but to adapt to the available pace and standard on the torrent website. IDope Torrent is a website that is similar to Torrentz 2K. By typing into your browser, you can navigate to the main website.

Is the iDope Torrent site reliable?

IDope has an SSL certificate, which is necessary for secure torrent browsing. The SEO Quake and MOZ tools can be used to evaluate the integrity of a website.

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You will receive a grade. We can determine the website’s trustworthiness by calculating the Domains score (DS) or True score (TS) (TS).

Domain score is 18, and Trust score is 34, according to a torrents site website study. That’s a better score than the bulk of the other websites.

Sites with a Domain score of less than 15 and a Test score of less than 40 are not uncommon. In less than four years, it has improved to an excellent score of 18. In the following five years, it will surpass a 30-40 score.idopeidope


Website Stats on IDope

iDope’s website rank is 1,68,690 out of 1,70,000 domains on the internet, according to SEO Quake. The average number of visitors to the site is 69,300, with an average of 1,87,000 visits. The average user visit lasts 9 minutes, with each visitor visiting 5-8 intermediate pages before leaving.

The popularity of the iDope Website

iDope is ranked 2,46,730 internationally among the statistics published on these websites in various categories, according to the website

This information is based on traffic data collected by from a large number of users all around the world. According to this website, iDope’s ranking has plummeted from 2,46,642 to 2,90,603.

The average amount of time spent per day by a user is 0.21 minutes, and the average number of pages viewed per day is one.

Estimated Value of the IDope Torrent Website

According to, a website that evaluates the value of websites is worth $24,378; this website estimates value based on public traffic, ranking data, and data. Annual visits are projected to be 1.83 million, with browsers viewing 9.15 million pages. One of the best aspects of the Torrent Search Engine is unbounded torrents.

Users can download torrent links from the website, which are unrolled Torrent websites. It contains a number of torrents. Torrent websites are unlikely to be removed from the website. You will very probably find the connection to the website you were looking for while searching for a file on our site.


A Huge DataBase

Many websites keep a database of uploaders who are constantly uploading the latest content torrents.

There are several categories to choose from.

It contains several sections organized into numerous groups; in the movie part, you may watch all action, adventure, thriller, drama, crime, and other genres for free.


One of the most crucial factors is speed. It is vital to choose a file with a well-balanced content proportion and excellent speed.

Alternatives to iDope: 50 Torrent Sites to Check Out

This is why many are still looking for an iDope replacement today. Torrent users from all around the world are still looking for alternatives to iDope. So, if you’re looking for something similar, you’ve come to the perfect place. We’re going to show you some of the top iDope alternatives available right now.


Torrent Site

Torrent Site URL

1 Torrentz
3 YIFY Torrents
4 Kickass Torrents
5 The Pirate Bay
6 ISO Hunt
7 Extra Torrent
8 RarBG
9 TorLock
10 Seed Peer
11 Torrent Project
12 Torrent Downloads
13 Monova
14 Torrent Funk
15 Your BitTorrent
16 Torrent.
17 iDope
18 Lime Torrents
19 BitTorrent Search
20 Bit TOR
21 Btdb
22 Torrent Bit
23 Torrent King
24 Sumo Torrent
25 Demonoid
27 Worldwide Torrents
28 SkyTorrents
29 BT Scene
30 Torrents.ME
31 01 Torrents
32 Troogle
33 7tor
34 RU Tracker
35 Pirateiro
36 Arena BG
37 NT Torrents
38 Pirate Public
39 Academic Torrents
40 Zooqle
41 Mejor Torrent
42 File List
43 Fast Torrent
44 Zamunda
45 DIVX Total
46 New Rutor
47 Torrent 9
48 Desi Torrents
49 Booty Tape
50 Only Torrents

How to Use iDope on a Computer and a Smartphone

Due to the website’s simplicity and a limited number of components, IDope resembles a Google search page with minor differences in font, color, and options.

In the desktop version, there is no header, but in the mobile version, there is a title with login and feedback options. There is a restricted look with limited components on every page of the desktop version.

The smartphone version crams a lot of functionality into a little space. Provides basic inner pages with tables, texts, icons, and links to allow users to use the website effectively.

Advertisements can be seen in various places on the desktop edition of the website. The smartphone version is well-designed and simple to use. These features help you get the most out of this website.

Find out more about the iDope application.

The Google Play store also has an iDope app accessible for download. It has a large torrent collection in a number of languages.

How to Save Files from the Internet

  • It provides a simple search option for torrent downloads.
  • When you arrive at the home page of a website.
  • It will guide you to the correct files.
  • From among them, you can select the genre that best suits your requirements.
  • Click on the file’s title, then on the link to the file.
  • Then, on the center page, click the “Download” button to get the file.

Advantages and disadvantages of IDope


This website is one of the best for both desktop and mobile use.

Because it provides adequate functionality for the device, it is a basic website that fits beautifully on the screen. They seem different and perform differently on both devices when it comes to the possibilities for discriminating between ideas.

For example, top torrents are displayed below the website’s search bar, whereas top uploaders are displayed below the website’s search bar in the desktop version.

For them to have a comparable operation, the design must be revised. With hundreds of web pages, thousands of files, and large databases, the has a lot of content. A big number of uploaders are scanning the website for files.

Another benefit of iDope is that it does not track the activity of its users.


For a better user experience, a few things need to be improved.

The first is commercials. Users who are viewing the site for the first time are perplexed by these issues. And the management of ad space on our website is essential.

Website comparisons between iDope and Kickass

Is a torrent search engine that competes with one of the most popular sites, Kickass. It was created as a replacement for Kickass after it was forcibly shut down in 2016, but it immediately overtook Kickass in popularity. It stated that it would not trace any of the users’ activity.

The ability to browse the web anonymously without being tracked is the most prominent feature.

Proxy and Mirror Sites for IDope Torrents

The following are some of the iDope proxy servers.

  • 1 
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

A proxy’s job is to hide the users’ IP addresses.

Finally, iDope Torrent

IDope Torrent is a torrent website with a user-friendly interface. The service offers high-quality torrents that are both free and have a fast download speed.

The best feature is that it works with a variety of platforms, making it appropriate for both desktop and mobile users. Finally, we urge that you use a premium VPN service to protect yourself from cyber-attacks and avoid data breaches when downloading anything from this torrent site.

If you want to download content from these torrent websites as a user, we urge that you safeguard your online identity by using a good VPN service. Whenever feasible, avoid utilizing it and instead utilize legal options to stream and download content.


Any pirate or torrent-related websites are not supported by us. Following the Copyright Act of 1957, piracy has become criminal legislation and a serious felony. We’ve come to inform our users about a website that has already been featured on Google. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or problems with the iDope Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites.

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