50 Best FreeInterTV Alternatives To Stream Free Sports in 2022

How does FreeInterTV operate and what is it?

Alexander Tsybulsky founded FreeInterTV, which offers free news, entertainment, and music channels. One of my close friends sent me a link to this website and suggested that I check out the user experience and overall quality of the business. Here is what I learned after watching the network for about two weeks. Over 1900 networks offer live broadcasts from all over the globe. Think of it as free Internet TV instead of freeware, that’s what I want you to think of it as. It functions in a manner similar to USTV GO. The only distinction between the two is the size of the selection of international channels provided by FreeInterTV. They are adding channels every week, and to my surprise, local networks from Turkey, Russia, India, and Ukraine have been highlighted.

Overall, FreeInterTV is one of the less well-known IPTV websites in the world. It provides you with free access to more than 1900 channels. More aspects of this streaming service will be covered later. For now, all you need to know is that all you need is a reliable internet connection and that you may utilize a VPN to access this streaming service (especially if you’re in a third-world country).


  • Enormous content library
  • Free
  • Fewer adverts
  • No sign-up or subscription required


  • A good search engine
  • Poor Design
  • The streaming experience is not ideal; there are still occasional lags and buffering.freeintertv

FreeInterTV is a safe and reputable

After using FreeInterTV for two weeks, I believe it to be a secure website. You don’t need to download anything in order to view your favorite TV shows, and there are no advertising or unwanted redirects.

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Whether FreeInterTV is legal or not is debatable. To protect oneself online, you should utilize VNP if at all possible.

Best FreeInterTV Alternatives

Here is a list of the best live TV streaming services to choose from instead of FreeInterTV.

FreeInterTV Alternatives

Sites like FreeInterTV

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Review of FreeInterTV


You know you’ll never run out of possibilities if a streaming service enables you to watch more than 1900 channels. especially when the majority of the content is updated about once a week and is live television and streaming. FreeInterTV keeps viewers hooked on its network by adding new regional networks every week. One of the things that makes this website so wonderful is that it offers some of the farthest-flung channels on the network that you wouldn’t discover on a premium service network.

Outstanding service

Because so few people are aware of it, FreeInterTV cannot be regarded as a cordless choice. So if you hear the name “FreeInterTV” for the first time, don’t be surprised. Now that you’re aware of it, I urge you to browse their enormous collection of Live TV content, which might make cord-cutting a possibility.

The best channels

To distinguish the most popular channels from the rest of the pack, Alexander and his colleagues have put in a lot of effort. You won’t need to search for the top channels because they will be shown right away on the right side. We’ll go over the channels in more detail under the content category, but for now, I just want you to be aware that you can click to access them.

A section titled “Horoscope”

One of the strangest yet entertaining things I noticed on this streaming website was a category called Horoscope. This is a category I’ve never seen on a streaming service. Even though it seems to be filler, it’s fun to check on your luck in general. On a specialized horoscope website that is updated frequently, my horoscope, for instance, gives the advice to “Take your time as you strive to communicate your side of the tale.” Therefore, that is what I intend to achieve with my review.

Reliable stream

Even if FreeInterTV isn’t the best IPTV service available, it still offers an excellent watching experience. Despite some little bugs here and there, watching videos is generally a pleasant experience. It took a while for the content page to load, but once it did, it began playing the content immediately with no annoying buffering or pop-up ads.


The most off-putting aspect of this website is without a doubt its design. It looks like the intern created a 90s-style HTML sample website but failed to keep it updated. From the header to the bottom, everything is straightforward, and I appreciate that.


Following a section of categories that includes Home, TV Online, Articles, Horoscope, Guest Book, and Feedback, it has a logo and a search box. For each of the headings, there is a page. The only pages worth visiting were the Home, Horoscope, and Feedback pages. Since 2015, the articles page hasn’t been updated, although TV Online takes you to a different page. As a result, I advise you to skip over several pages to save time.

Hero Section

The most disgusting banner I’ve ever seen is this one. The main portion of the hero section is a complete mess, even though there are no annoying native blogs or advertisements. Again, its practicality outweighs its beauty because each banner may be clicked to get to a separate website where you can choose a specific channel from that area.


You’ll notice a list of channels directly below the “Most Popular” category on the left as you scroll down, along with thumbnails that have channel information shown horizontally. The logo, followed by Channel, Niche, Views, Country, and Description, are listed on the left. Other than this, FreeInterTV doesn’t offer much in the way of design content. I’ve covered the website’s most crucial elements, and that’s about it.

The content is actually Peter Parker’s web if FreeInterTV’s design is its weak point. Once you sign up for the service, you’ll become dependent on it. The extensive collection of materials in the categories of entertainment, finance, general, kids, local, movies, news, religion, sports, teleshopping, weather, webcam, and zoo cam has something for everyone.

The channels can be seen by the nation. Simply select an area and a specialty, then click the search button to bring up local channels. The stations Gol TV, Fox Soccer, Universal Sports, ESPN3, ESPN Mobile, Maxx Sports, Speed TV, ESPN, ESPN HD, HBO Boxing, BeIN Sports, NBC Sports, NFL Network, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, and Baseball Channel, to mention a few, are available when I select US and Sports, for instance. Here is a short breakdown of the top channels by niche after stating all of the channels above:

The news networks that are available include MSNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, C-Span, CNN, ABC, and NBC Live, to name just a few.

  • Among the entertainment networks offered are Comedy Central, Destination America, History Channel, FX, TBS, MTV, OWN, T&T, and USA Network.
  • Premium networks include HBO, Starz, Telemundo, NFL Network, Baseball Channel, FXX, and Bravo.
  • The sports networks that are available are ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN HD, ESPN Mobile, Gol TV, NFL Network, and HBO Boxing.

It’s remarkable that the majority of these channels add up to more than $80 to your cable bill but are available on FreeInterTV for no cost. NBA and NFL games are broadcast live throughout the globe.

Step-by-Step Guide for Watching FreeInterTV Live on Android

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use an Android device to watch FreeInterTV.

  1. Install a VPN on your Android device as the first step.
  2. Launch your VPN and select a server.
  3. The next step is to pick the top server on the list and wait for it to connect.
  4. Next, open a mobile browser and type this URL into it.
  5. At this point, you can visit the website.
  6. Choose whichever channel you want to view
  7. Press the play button to start streaming live TV.

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