60 Desitorrents Alternatives To Download Hindi Movies In 2022

What is Desitorrents?

Desitorrents is the original desi tracker and the prominent pioneer of the Desi scene. The site’s region-specific information has made it immensely popular among Indian users. For many years, it has provided Desi Torrents, Hindi Movie Torrents, Bollywood Torrents, Bollywood Movies, Hindi Songs, Hindi Movies, Desi Music, and much more. Thousands of people use this site on a daily basis to get free downloads.

Desitorrents signup is not simple. Because it only allows a restricted amount of users to access it. When you join up for the website, you will be presented with a large list of Desi content. The quality and validity of all torrents are checked by the moderator. So, without hesitation, go ahead and download torrents from this website since you will only get high-quality torrents. Many users, however, are having trouble accessing the site through its primary domain.

Do you want to know where to find DesiTorrents Proxy Sites? In India, Desi Torrents is a well-known Gush website. Those who haven’t heard of it, allow me to explain. DesiTorrents is a prominent torrent service in India that allows users to download movies, TV shows, and other types of entertainment. You can get anything for free on this website. However, Desitorrents is not operating at the moment, and the government of India may restrict it. To unblock DesiTorrents, you can use a proxy server.

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How Do I Get Into DesiTorrents?

To begin, try your luck by going to If you’re lucky, it will open as follows:

Well, there are a number of ways to re-access or unclog the DesiTorrents website. The first option is to utilize virtual private network (VPN) software. Your ISP’s IP address will be hidden by VPN software, allowing you to surf the web privately. However, a VPN will ruin your internet experience. VPN will slow down your internet connection, which may irritate you.

If you like torrents, you should check out RARBG Proxy, Torlock Proxy, and Fmovies Proxy Sites to get movies and other media. The second approach is to use proxy sites such as Desitorrents. Proxies are third-party websites that allow you to access websites anonymously. The proxy sites are identical to the original WebPages. It will help you unclog your Desitorrent.

VPNs, for example, will not slow down your web download speed. However, finding the best and most reliable proxy sites is difficult. I’ve done everything I can to make your job easier. I’ve gathered all of the Desitorrent Proxy/Mirror websites into one place. The table below contains the top websites for unblocking the Desitorrent gush website.

Upgraded List Of Quickly Desitorrent Proxy Sites

I actually found these websites for you in order for you to be able to access the original DesiTorrents website. This allows you to instantly download movies, PDFs, games, and TV shows. You’ll need to get a Gush Downloader program, like BitTorrent or uTorrent.

Best Alternatives to Desitorrents

There are hundreds of sites like DesiTorrents that allow users to download movies, apps, and other stuff. We have compiled a list of such sites, such as Torrentz, Limetorrents, and more, let’s explore this list.


Torrent Site

Torrent Site URL

1 Torrentz
3 YIFY Torrents
4 Kickass Torrents
5 The Pirate Bay
6 ISO Hunt
7 Extra Torrent
8 RarBG
9 TorLock
10 Seed Peer
11 Torrent Project
12 Torrent Downloads
13 Monova
14 Torrent Funk
15 Your BitTorrent
16 Torrent.
17 iDope
18 Lime Torrents
19 BitTorrent Search
20 Bit TOR
21 Btdb
22 Torrent Bit
23 Torrent King
24 Sumo Torrent
25 Demonoid
27 Worldwide Torrents
28 SkyTorrents
29 BT Scene
30 Torrents.ME
31 01 Torrents
32 Troogle
33 7tor
34 RU Tracker
35 Pirateiro
36 Arena BG
37 NT Torrents
38 Pirate Public
39 Academic Torrents
40 Zooqle
41 Mejor Torrent
42 File List
43 Fast Torrent
44 Zamunda
45 DIVX Total
46 New Rutor
47 Torrent 9
48 LimeTorrents
49 Booty Tape
50 Only Torrents

Is it illegal to use DesiTorrents in India?

If DesiTorrents is blocked in your country, you may receive error messages such as “unable to connect” or other errors. If you’re having this problem in India, it’s possible that it’s being caused by your ISP or the Indian government. Controlling the personal privacy of Bollywood movies and television series is, in my opinion, blocked in India. Desitorrent contains a lot of illegal content that isn’t licensed properly. Similarly, on its policies, DesiTorrent leaks a lot of newly released movies. Following the ban on DesiTorrents, these are the key reasons.


Although Desitorrents may be unavailable, you can still access and unblock Desitorrents. You merely need to choose a Desitorrents proxy from the list above and open it. You may now access original DesiTorrents and download movies and TV shows just as before. If you found this short article helpful, please remember to bookmark this URL for future reference.

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