50 Best Manga Plus Alternatives To Read Free Manga 2022

Shueisha debuted MANGA Plus, an online manga platform, on January 1, 2019. With the exception of China, Japan, and South Korea, this manga site offers entirely free manga (though not every chapter), primarily in English and Spanish, to users from throughout the globe. They already have their own manga services, such as Shonen Jump+, which is why.

Although MANGA Plus claims to offer free manga, the free chapters for the majority of the manga on the site are the first and last three. The chapters are only offered for free on MANGA Plus temporarily because of the licenses of some manga. So, in order to read the entire manga for free, you must adhere to the publication schedule and read the most recent three chapters before they are covered up for the subsequent chapters.

English was the only language available on MANGA Plus when it originally went live. Many further languages were added shortly after, including Spanish (2019), Thai (2019), Indonesian (2021), Portuguese (2021), Russian (2021), and French (2021). There are only 71, 11, 10, 7, 5, and 4 manga in Spanish, Russian, French, Thai, Indonesian, and Portuguese, respectively, at the time of this review, proving that not all manga titles are translated into these languages.

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The first Shueisha service to offer an international version was MANGA Plus. The company’s redesigned online application and Discord server went live in 2020 and 2021.

What is MANGA Plus?

The best location for you to go if you love manga and want to help the writers and publishers is MANGA Plus. The most recent manga from Shueisha can be read there for free. Due to various manga licensing, the three most recent chapters are available on MANGA Plus for free for a short while. Not only can readers read their favorite comics, but they can also write comments and interact with other readers about the manga. MANGA Plus has more than a million readers from all over the world despite only being introduced in 2019, because of its fantastic features and manga quality.


  • Quick and without lag or buffering
  • Free
  • Excellent manga
  • Lively remarks
  • Not registering
  • Publication timetable
  • Sleek and simple style
  • Supporting the publisher and author


  • Hardly any manga
  • No category or filtering of manga
  • Only the app has access to the comment feature.mangaplus

Is It Safe to use MANGA Plus?

Because it has extremely few or no adverts, MANGA Plus is an entirely safe website to read manga on. Ads themselves are not scams or dangerous software. Additionally, using the site to read comics or leave comments does not require registration or logging in. Therefore, hackers or con artists have no justification for stealing users’ personal information, and they cannot even if they wanted to. Overall, MANGA Plus is incredibly secure and doesn’t ask for any personal information, so you may feel comfortable when reading manga there.

Is using MANGA Plus legal?

Because it is a service offered by the publisher Shueisha, which works with numerous authors to publish and market their manga, MANGA Plus is an entirely legal website for reading manga. This service strictly adheres to the manga license and only updates its own manga. Within a short period of time, MANGA Plus makes the newest manga available on the web and app on the same day as Japan.

Additionally, MANGA Plus forbids readers from downloading its content, making it impossible for anyone to download and share them. By reading manga on MANGA Plus, you are not downloading and reading manga for free like what many pirated websites do, but rather, you are helping Shueisha publishers and the authors.

Is MANGA Plus available as an app?

In addition to its website, Manga Plus also provides a free app for iOS and Android smartphones that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Only app users can participate in the “First Read Free” campaign that is presently running from January 2022 to January 2023. You can read all the chapters of all the manga designated English SIMULRELEASE, including One Piece, once thanks to this campaign.

Best Alternatives to Manga Plus

Here is a list of the top Manga Plus alternatives that are cost-free and offer excellent manga comics:

  1. (Popular Manga Website)
  2. (Top Manga Website)
  3. – Good Manga Site

Manga Plus Review

MANGA Plus has a pretty slick look, and it loads the page, the app, and the manga instantly, in my opinion. Let’s go on to the more in-depth review and discuss their many other intriguing aspects.


As previously said, MANGA Plus is extremely safe because it doesn’t store any of your personal information and doesn’t cost you anything. It is a creation of Shueisha, the world’s biggest manga publishing company.

Content repository

On MANGA Plus, there are just 126 manga titles available, which I think is a very tiny content collection for a manga website. Their manga spans a wide range of genres, including comedy, action, romance, school, and fiction. Not all manga are translated into languages other than English, as was previously indicated. The titles on MANGA Plus with the greatest reading counts at the time of this review are as follows:

  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
  • One Piece
  • My Hero Academia
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Spy X Family
  • Mashle: Magic And Muscle
  • Sakamoto Days
  • Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible
  • Naruto
  • Magilumiere Co. Ltd.
  • One Piece Re-Edition
  • Mission: Yozakura Family
  • Undead Unluck
  • The Kajiki Chef: Divine Cuisine
  • Witch Watch
  • Seraph Of The End: Vampire Reign
  • The Elusive Samurai
  • World Trigger
  • Twin Star Exorcists


The visual quality of manga is always of the highest calibre, whether you read it on a computer or a phone. Additionally, you can change the reading direction, from vertical to horizontal, as well as the page resolution, from low to medium to high. You may pinch-zoom the page using the touchpad or screen of your laptop or phone.

Reading knowledge

As I mentioned before, neither my phone nor my laptop had any lagging or buffering while I tried to read One Piece on MANGA Plus. Additionally, the website itself loads rather swiftly. Each manga page features a bubble button that allows you to communicate with other readers via the mobile app. Unfortunately, the website does not allow comments, so all you can do is read the debates. The comment section on MANGA Plus is pretty crowded because so many people read manga there, and I’m confident that will improve your reading experience greatly! By touching the chapter button on the page while reading, you can also skip to another accessible chapter at any time.


Daily manga updates are made by MANGA Plus, and the most recent additions will be highlighted at the top of the homepage. Although the chapters will be removed after a while, MANGA Plus updates each manga’s publishing schedule to ensure readers never miss a read.

User Interface

In terms of UX/UI, MANGA Plus has a very simple, quick, and elegant design. Its primary color scheme is black, which helps the manga’s colors stand out. There is a clickable slide at the top of the primary homepage that highlights the current events, campaigns, new series, etc. You can find the Daily Updates, Weekly Shonen Jump, Jump Plus, Others, Re-edition, Comedy, and the footer by scrolling down. A long list of the hottest manga with the highest view counts appears on the right side, along with some advertisements. You may also find links to MANGA Plus on Facebook and Discord here.

You will be sent to a page with all the manga’s details when you click on any of them, including the author, summary, languages that are available, update schedule, chapter list, and add to favorites button.

One major advantage of MANGA Plus is how well the material is organized and simple for anyone to follow.

Pop-ups and ads

I had no problems with the commercials during my testing of the website and mobile app. Because they didn’t obstruct my reading. They are only present on the home page as a still image that you can click to visit a safe website for some unrelated brands and not a harmful one. Additionally, MANGAPlus only uses popups for its campaign or event announcements, which is helpful for its users.


Overall, I’ve had a terrific experience with MANGAPlus; I love its website. And its app and will absolutely continue to use it to read manga in the future. We won’t be able to read them all in one sitting, even if there are only 126 manga available at the time of my review. More manga would have already been posted for us to read by then on MANGAPlus. Additionally, everything in their manga is safe and legal to read. By using MANGAPlus, you are helping the people who work long hours to make the manga you are binge-reading available to you.

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