50 Best Anime-Ultime Alternatives To Stream Free Anime In 2022

What is Anime-Ultime?

One of the most well-known free independent anime torrent monitoring websites in the world is Anime-Ultime. It mainly targets French viewers, offering them a platform to explore and download various free independent anime shows. According to the website, the majority of its users are interested in downloading the information to their devices. In addition, it offers a lively forum where premium members can interact with the developers or other users.


  • See the ranking of our most popular pages.
  • Large collection of independent media for free
  • Interactive neighborhood
  • High definition
  • Quick Download


  • Privé – By Invitation Only
  • The number of forum members may increase.

Anime-Ultime Statistics for Anime

Anime-Ultime, which was founded about 18 years ago, has 11,349 unique visitors, and the figure only continues rising because anyone can access the website without having to pay a fee or request an invitation from a member. It has received over 35,931 page views and a total of 42,433 streams. The website hosts a big library of files that may be downloaded and has 133,694,732 total downloads to date because it is one of the largest free independent anime suppliers. With 98,745 registered users, Anime-Ultime receives 150 web visitors each day on average.

What can you anticipate from Anime-Ultime?

Excellent Free Independent Content Library – Rather than the number of files on the website, I’m talking about the diversity of free independent series that may be downloaded from the website. Free independent anime, drama, and tokusatsu are available in abundance on the internet. Additionally, the website often adds new independent shows and series for free.

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Simple content separation

The fact that Anime-Ultime offers a straightforward user interface with clear navigational options is its strongest feature. By using the search box, users can find the free independent series they’re seeking for.

No advertisements

Typically, ads and spam pop-ups are everywhere on torrent websites, which can be annoying and disrupt the user experience. On the other hand, Anime-Ultime is ad and pop-up-free, allowing users to explore, watch, and download their preferred free independent shows without having to repeatedly click to get rid of the advertising.


The visitor must sign up as a member of the forum in order to participate in forum discussions. The visitor must complete out a form during the registration process that asks for information like their email address, preferred language, time zone, and twitter account URL. There is a question on the form that must be answered to show that you are a human and not a robot.

Clearly labelled menus The developers have divided the forum into various sections, including “Contact the team,” “Ultimate Anime,” “Our Series,” “The AU Community,” “Japan,” “Corner of the Artists,” “The Geeks,” “The Village,” and “Drugs are bad.”

People can communicate with the developers on Anime-very Ultime’s busy forum, where they can discuss shows, problems they may be having, and other topics. The administrators occasionally post job openings at Anime-Ultime and other important information on the boards.

How does one get to Anime-Ultime?

By typing “Anime-Ultime” into your search engine, you can visit Anime-Ultime. You can also go directly to the platform by clicking on the following link, Anime-Ultime.

Best Anime-Ultime Alternatives

View the ranking of our top picks for Anime-Ultime alternatives.

S. No. Best Anime-Ultime Alternatives Status
1 Crunchy Roll Available online
2 KissAnime Available online
3 AnimeHeaven.Eu Available online
4 Kimcartoon Available online
5 JustDubs Available online
6 Animeland Available online
7 WatchDub Available online
8 WatchOP Available online
9 CartoonCrazy Available online
10 Home of Anime Available online
11 AnimeUltima Available online
12 Anime Rhino Available online
13 AnimoTime Available online
14  Dubbed Anime Available online
15 Available online

Anime Rebel

Available online
17 Gaze Anime Available online
18 Watch Cartoon Online Available online
19 AnimeHeros  Available online
20 Masteranime Available online
21 Mega-Boxoffice Available online
22 9anime Available online
23 Available online
24 Available online
25 Manga Anime Available online
26 Master anime Available online
27 Anime season Available online
28 Chia Anime Available online
29 Anime Nova anime Available online
30 anime Available online
31 Yahoo View Available online
32 Tubi TV anime proxy Available online
33 sidereel Available online
34 Available online
35 Anime Lab Available online
36 AnimeXtremist  Available online
37 Available online
38 Kiss Asian TV Available online
39 Available online
40 animenewsnetwork Available online
41 animetake Available online
42 animeplus Available online
43 nwanime Available online
44 goodanime Available online
45 anime-stream24 Available online
46 Available online
47 animepalm Available online
48 animelab Available online
49 Available online
50 viewster Available online


Many fans of independent anime turn to Anime-Ultime when looking for free indie anime content. The website offers a huge selection of free independent anime series. You can pick from a variety of genres, including action, science fiction, adventure, cyber, and mecha.

The website also features a sizable collection of Drama shows in addition to animation. These television programs are from a variety of nations, including Chile, Thailand, Korea, Japan, and more. The series is divided into various subgenres, including crime, fiction, action, and mystery. Drama series is available on Anime-Ultime from 1958 to 2019.

The OST page category on Anime-Ultime is home to a huge collection of free independent anime web series. By clicking on the alphabet arranged in a line in the center of the screen, you may access the list of free independent anime web series in this category.

By clicking on the download links that are given on the inner pages of the series and movies, it is simple to get free independent content from the website.


Anime-Ultime features a pretty straightforward layout. It consists of links that take the user to the internal pages where they may watch or download the desired series. The layout’s simplicity allows for quicker loading. The look of Anime-Ultime can be characterized as a jumble of text, pictures, and even anime GIFs that are scattered across several pages.


Here are a few additional Anime-Ultime features that help to make it a user-friendly torrent website.


Anime-Ultime, unlike other torrent websites, features a comprehensive sidebar that includes all the connections needed to access the website and other pages. The side navigation bar of Anime-Ultime contains four links: “Home,” “Mobile,” “Discord,” and “Premium.” Along with the menu bar, the sidebar also has multimedia pages, the subscriber login page, and a search bar.

Link list

Anime-Ultime has provided a list of links to the most recent anime programs and tokusatsu to make it easier for both frequent visitors and newcomers. These links have a hover feature built into them for the user’s convenience, which shows the series poster.


Anime-Ultime has scripted the entire website in French for the ease of its local audience, unlike the majority of anime websites, which have their content written in English or Japanese. The website’s international visitors can use the Google Translate plugin to translate the page into their native tongue.

Top mentions

On the right side of the website, Anime-Ultime features another sidebar that lists the best shows across all genres. The best free independent shows, anime, and tokusatsu are available for viewing and downloading in this column.

Inner pages

The website’s creators made it incredibly simple to find free independent shows because Anime-Ultime is all about sharing free independent anime and shows with the community. By selecting one of the options on the homepage, you can go to any inner page. Four pages stood out to me while I was browsing: “Animes,” “Drama,” “OST,” and “Tokusatsu.”

As was already said, the website is made to be user-friendly and load quickly even at slow speeds. When the inner pages are selected from the homepage, three options are displayed on the screen:

  • Genre
  • Production year
  • Studio

When one of these options is chosen, a drop-down menu in the middle of the page displaying the various alternatives within that category appears. The users can find the show they’re seeking for with the aid of these categories. The viewers can also seek shows based on the initials of the show’s name.


Members can ask inquiries concerning the difficulties they are having using the website in the forum’s dedicated FAQ area. In order to learn more about various subjects, such as private messaging, posting issues, formatting, different sorts of codes, etc., members can communicate with one another.


For fans of anime, Discord is Anime-version Ultime’s of Twitter. Only those who have been invited by the current members can register on the platform, which functions like a private forum. Members of Discord have access to a large community of anime fans where they may find the most recent information on subjects like:

  • Games
  • Music
  • Education
  • Science-Tech
  • Content Producer
  • Anime Manga
  • Films and TV

These servers are further separated into topics based on user preferences. The participants can sign up for these servers to access the most recent information on these subjects from reputable websites and twitter accounts.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

The fantastic design of Anime-Ultime functions flawlessly on all platforms. The website has few photos, which is a big plus because it makes loading time shorter. Additionally, the files are sizable, so even with an internet connection of 10+ Mbps, you can download your free favorite independent shows and episodes.

The website doesn’t have a separate mobile version because a steady data connection makes it simple to view the desktop version.


Without having to deal with those annoying advertising, Anime-Ultime is a fantastic resource for getting your daily dosage of free independent anime. Anime-Ultime is the ideal torrent website for fans of independent anime, offering a huge selection of free independent anime series and TV shows that can be downloaded even at slow internet speeds.

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