AMD Radeon R9 290: Complete Review In 2022

The AMD Radeon R9 290 directly competes with Nvidia’s GeForce product line. The firm sells two brands of graphics cards for personal computers, one aimed at taking on GeForce’s entry-level goods and the other at taking on GeForce’s premium offerings. These are also known as AMD Sapphire Gaming Series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series video cards. You can choose from a variety of product lines among these models, some of which are geared at niche markets like high-end or entry-level gaming systems. To assist you in making a choice, this article compares different cards based on features and costs. Don’t purchase the incorrect card due to subpar specs! Then read this!

Description of AMD Radeon R9 290

On desktops and laptops, AMD Radeon R9 290 has a newer trinity-base card. How does it function? The performance of the AMD Radeon R9 290 is astounding, especially in games with a lot of action. It outperforms some considerably more expensive alternatives from rivals like Nvidia. This makes it a fantastic option for gamers who want exceptional performance without wanting to spend extra money on features they might not use.

It’s fantastic even if you’re trying to construct an energy-efficient system because it also has other advantages, such as improved power efficiency. What else do I require? Even though AMD Radeon r9 290 provides everything you need to get going, there are still a few things to take into account before buying. For instance, since it lacks software, check sure your operating system is compatible with its technology. Since AMD Radeon supports a variety of display technologies, you’ll also want to make sure your monitor is compatible.AMD Radeon R9 290

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Distinct Models

As an enhanced version of the normal R9 290 series graphics card, AMD announced the radion 290. In comparison to its less expensive smaller brother, the 290X had higher graphics processing power, quicker clock rates, and more computation cores. The R9 290X’s regular edition had a nice look and good thermals, but you could choose a different model to get even better specs. For sale to end users, modified versions of graphics cards are produced by Add-in Board Partners or AIBs. Famous GPU manufacturers include EVGA, ASUS, and MSI. These manufacturers’ graphics cards are frequently available for affordable costs. But the increased specs on these phones are their biggest benefit. It is simple to locate a R9 290X with a quicker boost clock and better thermal performance.

AMD Radeon R9 290 Features

With AMD Radeon R9 290, PC gamers will discover a wealth of functions to satiate them. The AMD Radeon R9 290 GPU offers an immersive PC gaming experience thanks to AMD TrueAudio technology. Additionally, this card makes advantage of an early iteration of AMD’s Eyefinity technology, which enhances the visual quality of open-world games with complex graphics. DirectX compatibility is another important consideration. The majority of recent plays require DirectX 11 or 12. However, many more recent games cannot be playable on older GPUs that support DirectX 10 and 11.

Since the R9 290X comes with DirectX 11.2 support, it is a great older card for playing most games. The sole drawback is that games that need the most recent DirectX 12 version might cause issues. Additionally, the system’s inbuilt connections and ports make it simple to attach external displays and game monitors. Along the GPU’s rear are all the most common display settings. You may connect to four external displays via the two DVI connectors, one HDMI port, and one DisplayPort.

Performance In Games

You should be aware of its restrictions if you plan to use this card for gaming. Older games run nicely, but newer, more demanding games do not. If you like old-school video games like World of Warcraft and Minecraft, this card will provide you with hours of fun. To gauge the performance of this GPU, we put collected gaming benchmarks from some of the most played titles. While running on medium settings at 1080p resolution is feasible, 4K gaming is not.

Finishing The R9

The R9 290 marks the culmination of AMD’s new lineup’s introduction. The Big Dog that was introduced last week is not it. The R9 290’s top frequency is decreased to 947 MHz, and it contains 2,560 shaders as opposed to the R9 290X’s 2,816. Other than those two modifications, the GPUs are the same. Both have the newly upgraded GCN core, support TrueAudio, and will profit from Mantle when it becomes available. The 4 GB GDDR5 frame buffer and the incredibly broad 512-bit memory bus are also present.

Testing Of The Boost Clocks On The AMD R9 290

The R9 290 series now handles boost frequencies similarly to how NVIDIA does. The GPU is designed to maintain its desired temperature and power levels. The GPU may easily be kept in stock with the R9 290 in its power range. Where you might experience any throttling is in temperature. The R9 290’s situation becomes fascinating because AMD initially pitted this card against the GTX 770, which easily defeats it. By significantly lowering the price of the GTX 780, NVIDIA altered the dynamic and forced AMD to find a method to compete. The main lesson here is this.

NVIDIA’s GPU must operate at a lower intensity level in order to maintain its target operating temperature at 95 degrees Celsius, which reduces the system’s overall performance. AMD developed a fresh driver and had reviewers retake their test to assess the performance after NVIDIA lowered its price. For instance, the most recent driver just increased fan speed. He adjusted the fan speed to 47% from 40%. The GPU can be overclocked for a longer period of time because the power-saving feature helps keep it below the target temperature set.

Radeon R9 290 Advantages And Drawbacks

To finish your PC construction, you’ll need to choose the ideal graphics card after choosing your motherboard, processor, and RAM. The benefits and cons of the Radion 290 for your PC should be weighed carefully. Supports numerous monitors and has sufficient power for older games. Various drawbacks to We are aware that in life, you can’t always obtain what you want, but that doesn’t make it necessarily bad. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you sincerely love your profession with all of your heart and soul.

But if, after giving your future job path due consideration, you decide that this is not the right time for a change, then follow your heart. In conclusion, anyone wishing to improve their gaming experience without going over budget should strongly consider the Radeon R9 290. The Radeon r9 290 will offer you outstanding performance at a reasonable cost whether you are a serious gamer or just enjoy playing games occasionally.

What Age Is The AMD R9 290?

On October 24, 2013, Radeon R9 290X became available. For both editions, the release price was USD 549.00. With 2816 Stream Processors, 176 Texture Units, 64 ROPs, 512-bit memory bus width, 4GB or 3GB of GDDR5 memory operating at 5 GT/s or 6 GT/s, a core clock speed of up to 1000 MHz, and a memory clock speed of 1250 MHz, the GPU is based on AMD’s Hawaii architecture. There are two DVI ports, one HDMI port, and one DisplayPort port on the Radeon R9 290. There are some issues with it, though.

When coils are loaded, coil whine sounds has been a common complaint from reviewers. Another frequent criticism is that, in most situations, it does not perform as well as its Nvidia counterpart (GTX 780). Benchmark results indicate that it may often outperform Nvidia’s GTX Titan and is less expensive. Except for these two small concerns listed above, there have been no reports of severe issues. Overall, if you want strong performance at a good price, this card is still a great choice!

In 2022, Will AMD Radeon R9 290 Still Be Good?

Yes, this graphics card is great for gaming. It has served me well for the past three years with no difficulties. Excellent purchase. My power supply isn’t powerful enough to run it when I connect three monitors, but that is the only issue I have with it; the card itself is not at fault. Other than that, it has been incredibly dependable and compelling in terms of its aesthetics. Do not wait to purchase one if you are thinking about it. You won’t let me down! DDR5 offered little in the way of advantages above DDR4, thus there was little use in investing more money on them. Get these if you can afford them; otherwise, get DDR4.

In conclusion, the Radeon r9 290 will be around for a long time and is still a sound card. Because most games run better on Windows 7 than on Windows 10, I advise using the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate. Additionally, other than how they seem, there aren’t any notable distinctions between Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10 64-bit. Since some software does not integrate well with Wordpad, a built-in program in Windows 8 and later versions, Microsoft Office is also a suitable option. Since some individuals might be curious about how big of a hard drive they should get for their new computer, I believe you should also mention anything regarding hard drives.

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