50 Best 4Anime Alternatives To Stream Free Anime In 2022

What is 4ANIME?

On the free anime streaming website 4Anime, you can watch anime without having to sign up or pay anything. You are free to watch any high-quality anime or cartoons you want. The usage of secure servers by 4Anime ensures the security of your data, which is the website’s most exciting feature. Additionally, ad-free streaming enables you to watch anime programs without being interrupted by intrusive commercials.


  • Ad-free
  • Fantastic anime collection
  • Customization
  • Excellent streaming caliber


  • Sometimes change the URL

Is it safe to use 4ANIME?

Due to 4ANIME’s 71 percent score on the security and privacy website checker extension, chongluadao, created by a division of the National Cyber Security Centre, 4ANIME is a secure free anime streaming service. Additionally, 4ANIME rigorously regulates the number of its adverts and pop-ups while thoroughly vetting the suppliers. However, in addition to the security and privacy of the website, which is beyond your control, you must first protect yourself by setting up a VPN or ad-blocker beforehand.

4ANIME: Is it legal?

The legality of the anime on 4ANIME is not always clear. There haven’t been any legal problems with the website, and they are very careful to keep their website lawful by explicitly identifying the source of their anime episodes near the broadcasts. There are at least two distinct sources for each episode. That However, if you use a reliable VPN to ensure no one can trace you, you won’t be harmed if the site is unlawful.

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What became of 4ANIME?

Nothing is incorrect with 4ANIME. The website occasionally goes offline for maintenance in order to improve their free anime streaming service. Additionally, 4ANIME’s URL may occasionally change, for instance, from “.to” to “.gg.” You can utilize the new site without worrying because this is typical of free streaming websites. Installing an ad blocker and antivirus software is advised nonetheless if you want to safeguard yourself from online dangers.

Websites similar to 4ANIME: Best 4ANIME Alternatives

Some of the best 4anime alternatives to stream free anime are given below.

S. No. Best 4Anime Alternatives Status
1 Crunchy Roll Available online
2 KissAnime Available online
3 AnimeHeaven.Eu Available online
4 Kimcartoon Available online
5 JustDubs Available online
6 Animeland Available online
7 WatchDub Available online
8 WatchOP Available online
9 CartoonCrazy Available online
10 Home of Anime Available online
11 AnimeUltima Available online
12 Anime Rhino Available online
13 AnimoTime Available online
14  Dubbed Anime Available online
15 Available online

Anime Rebel

Available online
17 Gaze Anime Available online
18 Watch Cartoon Online Available online
19 AnimeHeros  Available online
20 Masteranime Available online
21 Mega-Boxoffice Available online
22 9anime Available online
23 Available online
24 Available online
25 Manga Anime Available online
26 Master anime Available online
27 Anime season Available online
28 Chia Anime Available online
29 Anime Nova anime Available online
30 anime Available online
31 Yahoo View Available online
32 Tubi TV anime proxy Available online
33 sidereel Available online
34 Available online
35 Anime Lab Available online
36 AnimeXtremist  Available online
37 Available online
38 Kiss Asian TV Available online
39 Available online
40 animenewsnetwork Available online
41 animetake Available online
42 animeplus Available online
43 nwanime Available online
44 goodanime Available online
45 anime-stream24 Available online
46 Available online
47 animepalm Available online
48 animelab Available online
49 Available online
50 viewster Available online

Is there a 4ANIME app for the iPad, iPhone, or TV?

Unquestionably among the top 10 anime streaming websites in my collection is 4Anime. Here are a handful of the many crucial components that support my claim in case you’re wondering why I made such a broad statement.

4ANIME Review


The legality of the anime on 4ANIME is not always clear. There haven’t been any legal problems with the website, and they are very careful to keep their website lawful by explicitly identifying the source of their anime episodes near the broadcasts. There are at least two distinct sources for each episode. That However, if you use a reliable VPN to ensure no one can trace you, you won’t be harmed if the site is unlawful.

Content Directory

Over 4,000 anime series are available on 4Anime, which offers a vast content library. The majority of the content is available in buffer-free SD and HD resolution. Here are a few of the popular anime right now on 4Anime:

  • The indomitable
  • My journey to another world
  • Petit seka
  • Stellar transformation 4thseason
  • Stellar transformation 3rdseason
  • Busted! Darklord
  • Friends game
  • Tokyo 24-ku: Reversal Film
  • Swallowed Star 2ndseason
  • Korato lives alone
  • Cat’s tea specials
  • The demonic king who chases his wife 3rdseason
  • Fantasy x hunter
  • Black and white warriors 3
  • AMAIM Warrior at the borderline
  • Kaginado season 2
  • Mahjong soul pon
  • Yuu gi ou: go rush!!
  • In the heart of kunoichi Tsubaki
  • Don’t hurt me, my healer!

The streaming encounter

On my Dell Vostro and iPhone 12, I watched 4Anime, and it was among the best free streaming experiences I’ve ever had. Nothing but pure streaming delight may be experienced because there are no stream delays, intrusive advertisements, or unpleasant pop-up windows. Both the streaming website and the movie player have gorgeous designs. Just below the player is a list of every episode of the show. Along with the list, you have four other choices: Report, Focus, Download, and Resize. Use the download feature if you want to watch the episode later.

You may genuinely experiment with the choices in 4Anime. The color of the recently watched episodes may be changed, the video player controller can be hidden, widgets can be replaced by JW Player, the list of recently watched episodes can be hidden beneath the player, and Disqus comments can be shown when the player loads, among other things. The streaming experience is much improved by all of these minor tweaking options. This streaming service’s reputation as one of the best in the anime industry is greatly influenced by the availability of such a customizing option.

Schedule updates

A week’s worth of releases is offered by 4Anime. All of the upcoming anime films and television shows that will be posted on the website this week may be seen when you scroll down to the Upcoming section. This extensive calendar of anime episodes runs on Pacific time. More than six new shows are released on 4Anime every day. At the time this article was being written, Legendary Twins, Manual of Hundred Demons Season 3, Shanghai Melody, Kao Ni La Zhanshen Xitong, God Troubles Me, and Doupo Cangqiong: Yuanqi were all set to air.

User interface

4Anime has a fairly uncomplicated layout. The sombre color scheme of the website is contrasted by the vibrant vertical thumbnails. The website stands out thanks to the usage of a grey backdrop and flat logos and layouts. The interior pages are as beautiful. While on an inner page, you can still see the homepage thanks to the transparent backdrop. That is a cutting-edge feature that is only available on a select few websites.

An easy-to-use user interface complements the website’s gorgeous appearance. Excellent streaming is made possible by the menus, typefaces, categories, and other elements. When looking for your favorite anime, 4Anime really captures your attention because of its user interface. Finding content is simple, and the finished product is so excellent that you start to recognize this streaming service as a high-end network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4Anime a reliable website?

For years, 4anime has been a secure location for millions of anime fans worldwide, and up to this point, we have not received any security-related complaints. So you can put all your worries to rest and enjoy your favorite anime on our site knowing that there is nothing wrong with 4anime.

Why did the website 4anime To disappear?

One of the most popular pirate streaming sites was 4anime, which received millions of visitors each month. Yesterday, the website abruptly declared its closure with no more justification. It’s interesting that this choice was made soon after a US federal court subpoena was issued to 4Anime. Anime is quite well-liked.

Why is 4anime dangerous?

4anime[.]to is a website that offers an anime streaming service, as its domain name would imply. Two issues exist with this website: 1) It is a pirate site that distributes copyrighted content in violation of the law, and 2) It makes use of shady advertising networks (containing dubious ads).


Is it secure? This concludes the story. These websites end up being the most effective substitutes for 4Anime! These 4Anime substitutes are all free, have straightforward layouts, and offer high-quality videos. You may watch anime online in high definition with English subtitles by downloading the free 4anime APK for Android. On 4anime, you may also watch anime in English. You don’t require anything more to enjoy your favorite show on your preferred website, 4Anime.

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